Our Approach to Succession & Exit Planning

We believe that business transition ir more than just a new shareholder or a revised organisational chart.

The exit of a Family Business owner can be severely disruptive, and if not managed appropriately can negatively impact both the business and the family unit itself.

Therefore, to ensure a positive transition we work with our family business clients and apply The Three-Circle Model of Family Business.

This model addresses the overlapping subsystems of business, ownership and family and is a very useful tool for understanding the source of interpersonal conflicts, role dilemma, priorities, and boundaries in family firms.

Once identified, we work with our Family Business clients to address these issues and develop effective governance systems to ensure the continuation of business performance and family harmony post transition.


Planning in the right order

For retiring business owners, it is important to understand the linkages between the Retirement Plan, the Exit Plan, the Succession Plan and the Estate Plan, and to ensure that these plans are made in the right order.


The Retirement Plan will determine financial resources necessary for the current owners to exit the business and fund their retirement lifestyle.

The degree and nature of retirement funding required by the exiting owner from the business, whether as a lump sum or as an on-going annuity from the business, or a combination of both, will heavily influence the development of the Exit Plan.

Once an appropriate Exit Plan is developed, we work with the Family Business to ensure an effective transition of control and ownership via the Management Succession Plan, Equity Succession Plan and Estate Plan for all key persons.